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Hydraulic Rubber Hose

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Hydraulic Rubber Hose Suppliers & Exporters in Mumbai, India, Mexico, Saudi Arabia & Qatar.

Exporters & suppliers of Hydraulic Rubber Hose in Mumbai / India

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As far back as the beginning of our organization, we are perceived as an eminent dealer and distributer of Rubber Hose. Best known for their simple establishment, low upkeep and warmth and compound resistance, these hoses are utilized to transport water, air, steam, bond, solid, bottling works, petrochemicals and oils in different enterprises. Our Rubber Hose is made utilizing premium review of elastic and present day innovation at our Tubewell. premises. Also, we cross check these hoses on the parameters of configuration, complete and sturdiness to guarantee faultlessness.

We are one of the significant producers and providers of Hydraulic Rubber Hoses Assemblies. The offered hoses are made utilizing complex RUBBER and unified crude materials combined with cnc machined nut sae ,ansi ribs in carbon steel, stainless steel, metal and other unique material and consistence with set industry models. These items are exceptionally acclaimed among our profitable customers inferable from their ideal quality and cost-adequacy.


  • Cnc machined fittings
  • Corrosion resistance plating,
  • one pice 90 and 45 degree fittings


  • Material: SS 316, SS 304, SS 303, SS 410, SS 430, EN8, EN31, MS , EN1A , BRASS and other metal

Additionally Details:

We give unrivaled quality Industrial hoses and are eminent Industrial hose merchant/merchant in Delhi, India. Elastic Hose India additionally works as Industrial hose exporter.

Accessible material/wire twisted elastic hoses, utilized for low/medium weight suction.


Hose Type


Air/Water Hose
Exceeds IS: 446 Type 1, 446 Type2

Recommended for all Air and Water applications requiring maximum flexibility in Engineering Industry, Workshops, Shipyards, Irrigation etc.

Pneumatic Tool Hose
Exceeds IS: 446 Type 2

Recommended for all types of Pneumatic Tools in Industries, Compressed Air applications and Construction Industry.

Rock Drill Hose
Exceeds IS: 446 Type 3

Recommended for heavy duty, high pressure use on Industrial, Construction & Pneumatic Mining applications, requiring heavy duty hose with an oil resistant tube and abrasion resistant cover.

Concrete Transfer Hose

Recommended to handle the pumping of concrete with high head pressure from concrete boom truck and as a discharge hose on the Delivery end of high pressure concrete pumps. Specially designed high abrasion resistant tube is most suited for handling wet concrete, plaster or grout material.

Steam Hose (1 Wire & 2 wire)
Exceeds IS: 10655 Type 2 &3
BS: 5342 Type 1 &2

Recommended for excellent steam handling, the hose features a specially compounded, perforated synthetic rubber cover intended for use where the hose is exposed to all types of steam - saturated and superheated up to 150 psi and 195oC (for single wire) & 250 psi and 232oC (for double wire) respectively.
Note:   Do not alternate change between Steam and Water

Wash Down Hose
Exceeds IS: 444 Type 3B

Recommended for all Car Washing and Pressure Washer applications in Garages, Service Stations and Industries.

Super Spray Hose 
Exceeds IS: 1677 Type 4

Recommended for very high pressure spraying of water based pesticides & chemicals in Agriculture & Forestry. Oil resistant tube ensures longer life.

Petrol Dispensing Hose
(Yarn Braided & steel wire braided)
Meets Performance requirements of BS EN 1360 Type 1 & 3
Exceeds IS: 2396

Recommended for dispensing all types of Petrol & Diesel fuels for Service Station Pumps. In yarn braided type electrical conductivity is provided by two numbers braided copper flex wires laid spirally in opposite direction. Wire braided type is a heavy duty hard wall hose which does not collapse in reel use or behind the nozzle in demanding service conditions.

CNG Hose
Meets SAE J30 R6 AIS 028

Recommended for CNG applications for use in CNG Kits in Automobiles (Cars, LCV, HCV, etc).

Chemical Hose
Exceeds IS: 7654 Type 1

Recommended for conveying dilute chemicals e.g. Alum Liquor. Caustic Soda, Lime Solutions, Dilute Hydrochloric Acid, Dilute Sulphuric Acid, Methyl Alcohol, Ethyl Alcohol. Butyl Alcohol, Isobutanol, etc.

Sandblast Hose
Exceeds IS: 5894

Recommended for Sand, Shot Blasting applications and where abrasive materials are carried at high velocity. Electrical conductivity: having two numbers braided copper flex wires laid spially in opposite direction for electrical conductivity.

Carbon Free hose

Recommended for specialized Furnace Coolant applications in Electrical Steel Industry and other Non-Conductive applications. Engineered with specially developed carbon-free tube and cover, whereby meeting service requirements of low leakage current (Less than 20 micro amp at 6KV DC).

Sipper aviation hose
Meets BS EN 1361 & API 1529  Type C

Recommended for all operations associated with Ground Fuelling & De-fuelling of aircrafts. Suitable for applications with petroleum Fuels having an Aromatic Hydrocarbon content not exceeding 30% by volumes.

Rubber Water Suction & Discharge Hose
(as per IS 3549-1983 Type I, II, III)

Designed for heavy duty water suction and discharge service, where rugged yet flexible hose is required both for dewatering and Deliveryy process during excavation of mines, construction project, deflecting operations and for handling sewerage, waste water and mud.

Rubber Oil Suction / Discharge and Road / Rail Oil Decanting Hose
 (as per IS 10733-1983)

Used for loading and unloading of solvent and petroleum products from tanker, etc.

Rubber Brewery & food Hose
(as per IS: 5118-1969)

Manufactured with hygienic grade non-toxic rubber compound designed for multiple use in Breweries (for conveying wine, alcoholic liquor) and dairy plants for carrying milk and other dairy products like edible oils, etc.

Rubber Welding /gas  Cutting Hose
(as per IS: 447-1988)

Hose for welding application in black, blue and red colour, for oxygen, acetylene and other non-combustible gases.

LPG Hose
(as per IS: 9573)

Wire braided LPG hose used for transfer LPG in domestic and industrial applications.

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